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Before conversion to Islam four and a half years ago at the age of 16, followed by official Shahadah at Fanar, Sabrina was a Protestant Christian. One who didn’t believe in Jesus as the son of god or the holy trinity...

A new revert from Germany

I never liked the behaviour of the people in my country; like going to parties, drinking alcohol, having boyfriends, taking drugs, backbiting etc. I felt strange and different from the people of my age, that I’m not normal and was always looking for the real purpose of life and a better way of living. I would spend hours thinking about that, but I never thought that I could find what I was looking for in a religion.

I always liked the culture and the way of living of Islam and I didn’t believe what was said on the TV. But I also didn’t think of Islam as a religion, as I thought it was just one of many, although I believed in God, and praying was only something for old and sick people.

Three years ago, I met my future husband on the internet and he used to tell me about his religion and so I found that I already have the same ideas in many things including behaviour, so I was already almost a Muslim.

I told my parents that I wanted to convert to Islam, but I didn’t talk to them about what I really felt and why I took the decision. In this age, you usually don’t talk to your parents about these things, you try to find young people your own age who have the same view of life (in this case, my husband). I thank Allah, for guiding me to the right path and that I did not end up like many other youth, who follow wrong friends.

My parents and friends still don’t take my decision seriously. They think I did it only because of my husband and only for a period of time, like young people always like to try out something new.

After I came to Qatar, it was of course much easier for me to understand Islam and the whole way of life better. Now I finally practice my religion freely without any restriction as in Germany, and I have more contact with people.

As well as asking my husband questions, I find reading, visiting lectures, using the internet and Friday prayer are good places to learn more about Islam.

My greatest fear of becoming a Muslim was the reaction of my family, especially my Dad and people from school who already did not like me. My parents, who I dearly would love to become Muslim too, were not very happy with my decision to leave Germany and give up everything to live with my husband in a Muslim country to practice our belief freely. They were asking me to continue with my studies for a few more years.

I feel that I finally found what I was looking for my whole life. I’m satisfied and have found inner peace, because I have a reason for living and a final goal. I feel also that I finally belong to a group, everything is easy now that I have learnt how to worship god in the right way.

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